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TinyTM - Fuzzy Matching


Fuzzy matching is the technique that compares paragraphs in the source text with the translated segments in the TinyTM database. Fuzzy matching is probably the most complex part of a translation memory:

In order to get all three - complex comparisons with high speed on large databases - the designers of a TM need to employ complex algorithms from a number of advanced information technology areas. This section briefly presents the techniques employed in TinyTM.

TinyTM as an Academic "Playing Ground"

The current V0.1 TinyTM fuzzy matching implementation has not yet optimized for large databases and doesn't yet employ all of the techniques below. However, it's foundations are strong, because the underlying (PostgreSQL currently) database is user-extensible and already provides implementations of the main techniques (see below).

We hope that Universities and other academic institutions will discover TinyTM as a convenient "playing ground" for innovative algorithms etc. and will contribute to the backend code.

Techniques Employed