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TinyTM - Database

The Data Model

The diagram at the right shows the main tables of the TinyTM data model.

The data model model basicly consists of a single Segments table ("tinytm_segments") and some ajacent tables.

Not all of the tables listed here are supported in version V0.1 of TinyTM. However, changes in the data model cause a lot of work, so we have already included "Groups" and "Tags" here.

Integration with ]project-open[

A variant of this data model consists of integrating TinyTM with ]project-open[. In this case, most of the tables in the figure above are replaced by "views" to the equivalent ]project-open[ objects. This way, it is possible to use the ]project-open[ administration screens to modify users, groups, segment types and Customers. For details please see the Web Applications page.