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MetaTexis for TinyTM

MetaTexis (http://www.metatexis.com/) is a popular closed-source (commercial) translation memory.

"MetaTexis for TinyTM" is a variant of MetaTexis, with the possibility to connect to the TinyTM TM-Server. This way it is possible to use MetaTexis and the TinyTM MS-Word Client together in the same project.

Purchase MetaTexis for TinyTM

You can purchase MetaTexis for TinyTM at the MetaTexis web site:
http://www.metatexis.com/purchase.htm. Free evaluation versions are available here:

From Hermann Bruns:

Please note that this version is a development version that can still contain bugs (although there should be hardly any). The intallation programs will be updated regularly during the next months, as new functions are available.

During the trial period you can use all functions without any restriction (including TinyTM). To use TMs via Internet after the trial period you will need a licence key for the version "NET/Office" (138 EURO). If you encounter any errors, please send an error report to support@metatexis.com.

Why Commercial Software?

It is very important for TinyTM to provide users with a 100% open-source option. This open-source solution consists of the TinyTM MS-Word Client and the TinyTM TM-Server.

However, some organizations such as large companies or international organizations don't care too much about price and prefer a product with high usability and professional support. In order to reach these organizations early during the development of TinyTM, we have decided to allow commercial TM vendors to connect to the TinyTM backend, resulting in a closed/open-source hybrid system. In some ways this is similar to using a "Firefox" browser on top of MS-Windows. Using the hybrid approach, both closed-source and open-source clients can work together in the same group of translators.