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Supporters - Who's behind TinyTM?

TinyTM has been initiated by Frank Bergmann from ]project-open[. The project has been inspired by FOLT and its TMOSS project (please see Frank's paper on FOLT) and in particular by a conversations with Manuel Hanen from Hexx during Tekom Spring 2008 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

]project-open[ (http://www.project-open.com/)
]project-open[ supports TinyTM by allowing Frank Bergmann to work part-time on TinyTM.
Also, ]project-open[ has set up a TinyTM integration that provides TinyTM with functions such as authentication, user management etc. However, TinyTM is not part of ]project-open[. Instead, TinyTM has been designed as a completely independent open-source project.
FOLT (http://www.folt.org/)
FOLT has provided the initial inspiration to start off the TinyTM project.
The Localisation Research Centre (LRC) (http://www.localization.ie/)
The LRC supports TinyTM in terms of public relations and open-source collaborators. The LRC might also be the candidate to form a steering commitee for the TinyTM project.