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TinyTM - MS-Word Client

To be clear: The author who wrote this MS-Word client is not an expert in VBA programming and didn't do any VBA programming in the last 10 years. However, the author was able to create this macro "on a Sunday afternoon" in a few hours.

This MS-Word client should be an ideal starting point for community members to get involved in the TinyTM project. Please let us know as soon as your client is available.


The following screenshots show the operation of the MS-Word client. Please click on the screenshots to get an enlarged version.

1. Select the segment

The TinyTM MS-Word client does not contain segmentation rules. Instead, the client relies on the user to select a segment to translate. The screenshot below shown an example.

2. Press Ctrl-T or "Project.NewMacro.Translate"

Please press Ctrl-T or click on the "Project.NewMacro.Translate" menu item. This will activate the macro and the following screen will come up.

3. Connect to the TinyTM Server

Enter the name or IP address of the TinyTM database server. Please see the server section on how to setup the server. We are currently preparing a demo server. Please register yourself and we will let you know.

4. Select the Source and Target Language Parameters

Please select "en" and "de" for source and target languages at the moment. We have prepared an excerpt from the "Acquis Communautaire" DGT-TM for testing purposes with some 12.000 segment from en-GB into de-DE.

5. Select Segment and Edit Segment

The next screen shows a number of fuzzy matches ordered by fuzzy score.

Please click click into the "TM Matches" select box to select a suitable match. You can edit the segment in the "Target" text box before you click on "Insert into Text & TM" to insert the segment into the database.

"Insert into Text & TM" will also mark the original MS-Word text as "hidden" and insert the translated segment behind the text. This adding/ hiding behavious is rudimentary and will soon be improved with feedback from the community...

6. Observe the Translated Result