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Frequently Asked Questions

There are not frequently asked questions yet.

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Is TinyTM really free?

Yes. You are not only free to use TinyTM, you may even modify and redistribute your own version of TinyTM if you have the technical know how.


Who is behind TinyTM?

TinyTM has been initiated by Frank Bergmann (firstname.lastname@project-open.com) from ]project-open[.

However, we expect to create a broad alliance of organizations in the translation sector that will take over the initiative.


What is Open-Source?

Open-source can be seen as a model for collaboration amongst competing companies, similar to the way how scientific research works. Each player can use the results of other players and possibly adds to the result. However, no single player can take control of the result. Instead, players may gain prestige or "fame" in the "community". This prestige may translate into a nice job or into a promotion of the player's organizations.

A special "copyright" license called "GNU Public License" or short "GPL" ensures legally that no player may take control. Please see Google for details on the working principle of the GPL. A discussion of this subject is beyond the scope of this FAQ.


Does TinyTM run on Windows and Linux?

TinyTM is a client-server platform, so we need to distinguish between client and server:




Des TinyTM run on mySQL ?

Currently not, but a mySQL version is an option when in high demand.

mySQL supports procedural SQL starting at version 5.0, so it will be easy to switch from PostgreSQL to mySQL in the future. However, the procedural SQL features are very new in mySQL, so that we decided to go ahead with a stable PostgreSQL database and to add a mySQL port at a later stage.


Different Questions?


Do you have a question that hasn't been answered here (sure, this page is new, so you probably have a lot of questions...).

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