TinyTM - Open-Source Translation Memory

The Idea


An open-source translation memory, free for all!

TinyTM is open-source software and developed by an open-source community and (currently) licensed under GPL V2.

Open for business, as well!

The translation sector is small and with few open-source players. So we need commercial vendors to participate in this project as well. This is what’s in for them:




Long-term objectives

Many "mature" IT markets are today dominated by open-source product including web browsers (Apache), application servers (JBoss), content management (Typo3, Plone and Drupal), Databases (mySQL) etc.

We believe that the market for translation memories is ready for such a development approach. Recent consolidation in this field further suggests a community approach.


Who is behind TinyTM?

Who is behind TinyTM?

TinyTM has been initiated by Frank Bergmann from ]project-open[. The project has been inspired by FOLT and its TMOSS project (please see Frank's paper on FOLT) and in particular by a conversations with Manuel Hanen from Hexx during Tekom Spring 2008 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Relationship with ]project-open[

Organizational relationship

It is correct that the founder of TinyTM is also the founder of ]project-open[. However, TinyTM has been designed as a completely independent open-source project. We expect that TinyTM will develop its own dynamics with its own contributors and community structure. FOLT or a similar organization would probably the best option to provide an organizational framework for TinyTM. (Please contact Frank if you think that your organization would provide a suitable framework).

We hope that the experience of the ]project-open[ team (~500 installations in the translation sector) will provide TinyTM with the credibility that it needs in order to attract industry support and a powerful community. However, Frank will hand over TinyTM leadership to an elected body such as FOLT as soon as this option becomes viable.

Technical relationship

The TinyTM data model has been designed for easy integration with authoring, content management and translation management applications. A first such integration exists between TinyTM and ]project-open[ (]project-open[ TinyTM Integration).

However, it is important to see this integration as a starting point and proof of concept, and not as an exclusive relationship. The TinyTM licensing has been designed to encourage the integration even with closed-source applications, so we expect more integrations to appear with time.


Basic Architecture

TinyTM Architecture

TinyTM consists of:

We envision a variety of Clients and Servers to emerge that will work with each other via the Protocol.
A closed-source Client may work with an open-source Server, and vice versa. We envision a independent body to certify interoperability and to grant a "TinyTM compliant" certification.




The following functional requirements guide the development of TinyTM: